Station Working Rules:
  • The object of SWR is to regulate the safe working of traffic in and between stations depending on the local conditions that exist at the station.
  • The SWR is intended to draw attention of the staff concerned to the rules for giving line clear, taking OFF signals, reception and dispatch of trains, working of level crossing gates, shunting, stabling of vehicles on the running lines, etc. and also instructions regarding working during failure of points, signals, interlocking, communications etc.
  • SWR should be self-contained, brief to the point and in unambiguous language.
  • General and subsidiary rules and block working manual rules should not be extracted in SWR. Relevant rule numbers of G & SR, block-working manual may be mentioned.
  • DSO, DSTE, and DEE are empowered to issue, modify SWR.
  • SWR should be reviewed once in Five years or FIve amendment slips whichever is earlier.
  • All the staff required to take up independent duties at the stations shall sign a declaration register to the effect that they have read and understood the SWR.
The fresh declaration shall be obtained from the staff concerned in the following cases :
  1. An amendment is issued to SWR
  2. An employee is absent consecutively for more than 15 days.
SWR contains twelve paras and six appendices. They are :
  1. Signaling Plan (Diagram)Signaling Plan (Diagram)
  2. Description of station
  3. Systems and means of working
  4. Systems of signaling and interlocking
  5. Telecommunications
  6. Trains working
  7. Blocking lines
  8. Shunting
  9. General instructions
  10. Visibility test object
  11. Essential equipment
  12. Names of Fog signalmen
Appendices :
  • A – Working level crossing gates
  • B – Systems of signaling and interlocking
  • C – Telecommunications
  • D – Duties of staff
  • E – Essential equipment
  • F – Names of fog signalmen