1. Ensuring the train follows applicable safety rules and practices.
  2. Carrying out running repairs.
  3. Making sure the train stays on schedule.
  4. Checking the equipment’s, doors and controls are working properly.
  5. Making sure the train is clean, safe and ready for departure.
  6. Using the brake in emergencies.
  7. Dealing with any problems on the train.
  8. Reporting and dealing with any on-train problems.
  9. Providing information to passengers about connecting trains and dealing with queries.
  10. To give information about approaching stations and the time of arrival, and updating passengers about any delays.
  11. Looking for people who need particular help, such as children, ladies traveling alone, elderly people or differently abled.
  12. Looking after the welfare of the passengers in an emergency.
  13. At the end of the duty, reporting details of any delay, problems, incidents, difficulties encountered.