Simultaneous Reception and Dispatch of Trains:

Taking OFF at the same time, of all signals pertaining to the reception of two or more trains approaching a station at the same time is called simultaneous reception.

Advantages :

In single line section, track/section capacity will increase, if, at all the stations, such facilities are made available.
In double line, one train can be started from one line, while another train can be signaled to be received on another line.

Methods of Providing Simultaneous Reception Facility :
  • In double line, sand humps may be provided replacing traps.

Provision of sand humps on the single section:
  • Maximum flexibility but expensive

Provision of two sand humps:
  • Economical but platform facility may not be available for passenger train in one direction

Extending loops to have signal overlaps on reception lines beyond starter
  • By providing calling on signal (after trains come to a stop