Indian Railway is spread over 63000 km with around 7000 stations. To overcome the problem for the attention of accident site Accident Relief Train are provided at major nominated stations by means of which accident site around 8 to 10 hours journey are being covered. Keeping in view of disaster management to reduce transit time from 8 to 10 hours to 1 to 4 hours Indian Railway has introduced SPART and SPARMV. At present 185 SPART and SPARMV are working in the different division of Indian Railway to cover of a distance of 150 km.

Salient Features of SPART:
  • It is designed for ICF coaches at RCF & ICF since 1999.
  • As per RSRC recommendation, it should be bundled in three coaches but existing SPART are running with two nos. of coaches.
  • It is the self-propelled vehicle, therefore, no need of locomotive to haul the ART.
  • Being self-driven unit reduces shunting time during the course of operation/ movement And can be started with within on a short notice.
  • It can be driven by both end i.e. DPC (Driving Power Car) and DTC (Driving Trailer Car) end.
  • It is a compact unit consisting of two Nos. of coaches. Therefore it is required very short CSR (Clear Standing Room) and can be reached at the very nearest point of Accident.
  • It is consisting of two nos. of engines having capacity 345 HP each (Under Slung Prime Mover) are installed which are synchronized to get optimum speed incorporation With two nos. of transmission in axle driven units.
  • In case of failure of one unit under the slung unit with the help of another unit, it can be driven by the rested speed of 30Kmph to clear block section.
  • DPC unit AMUs Bogie is provided it is also known as DHMU.
  • It is capable to haul three nos. of coaches; one additional coach may be attached In SPART after up-gradation of DPC & DTC end.
  • In DPC/Supervisor van has accommodation for four nos. officers and sixteen nos.of staff members. There is also the provision of one kitchen room, bathroom, and libratory room.
  • DTC/Tool van can equip S&T gears, HRE, Electrical fittings for illumination (i.e. ASKA light) and gas & cold cutting equipment, gauges, trolleys for material handling And different lubricating oil.
  • All equipment is provided as per norms of “B” class Breakdown except Crane.
  • Coaches of SPART are designed for 140Kmph but CRS has given the sanction of 95Kmph.
  • Its POH is carried out after an interval of 3.5 Years.
Inspection schedule of officers are as under:
  1. Jr. Scale Officer- monthly
  2. Sr. Scale Officer- Quarterly
  3. J.A. Grade Officer- Half Yearly.