Safety & Amenity Fittings:

The fittings which are fitted in the coach for the safety of passengers & their luggage are called as “Safety Fittings“.

The fittings which are provided inside the coach for comfort, Luxury and non-strenuous journey of the passengers are called as “Amenity Fittings“.

Safety fittings provided in the coaches:

Alarm pull chain, Internal latches on top & bottom on body side doors, Provision of padlocking arrangement from outside of body side door, Internal latch and tower bolt for compartment doors in first class, Vestibule Doors/shutters with locking arrangement, Latches for window shutters, Fire extinguishers, Safety bars on all window openings, Window shutters both glass and louver, Sealed window glass for AC coaches, Frosted glass shutters for toilets.

Amenity fittings provided in the coaches:

Lights and fans inside the coach, Reading light with switches for upper-class coaches, Charging socket outlet in upper class coaches & sleeper coaches, Cushioned berths and seats & backrest, Luggage racks, Folding or fixed tables, Roof ventilators, Tumbler holder, Dustbin, Footsteps in sleeper coaches and footrest for chair cars, Notices, Mirror with shelf, Coat hook, Magazine pouch, Bottle holder, Wash basin, Wardrobe with fixed hangers for 1st AC, Rings below berths for securing luggage, Shower bath, towel rail, flushing commode & pan, coat hook, liquid soap container, push cocks, handrail, mirror with shelf, soap dish etc in lavatories, Destination boards, Reservation display plates, Coach Indication boards.