Role Of Instant Action Team:
  • Don’t panic.
  • Pull the Alarm Chain and stop the train immediately.
  • Evacuate the passengers to the adjacent coaches which are away from the fire through the vestibules; if the fire is not extinguished. After complete evacuation the rolling shutters of coaches on fire to be closed to contain the spread of fire.
  • More people expire due to suffocation from smoke rather than due to actual burning. Advice passengers to take a cloth, wet it in their drinking water and cover their nostrils. This reduces the smoke inhalation & subsequently its bad effects.
  • Insist that passengers should save themselves first and not to bother about their luggage which can be retrieved later on.
  • Isolate the affected coaches from other coaches by decoupling both Mechanical & Electric couplers.
  • Locate the fire extinguishing substances viz, fire extinguishers, water bucket with water/sand, etc. Use water from the coaches.
  • Try and put out the very source of the fire before it becomes a big blaze.
  • Turn off Electrical Appliances. In case of fire from electricity switch off the source.
  • Report it to the nearest station/control/fire station. (fire services: 101, it can be dialed by mobile also)
When a person is on fire:
  1. Approach him holding the nearest available wrap in front of you.
  2. Wrap it around him.
  3. Lay him flat and smother the flames.
  4. He may roll on the floor, smothering the flames.
  5. On no account should he rush into the open air.
  6. Call for assistance.
Handling of injured passengers:

Building up the confidence of injured passengers by suitable advice is of great importance.

  1. First aid should be rendered to the injured passengers.
  2. Ordinarily, give nothing ORALLY to injured one, but if medical treatment is delayed more than 4 hours, give ORS drinks preferably bio-carbonated soda.
  3. In the serious case, remove the patient quickly to a hospital as the injured may require an anesthetic, medical soothing.