Role of AC Coach Maintenance Staff – Role Of Crew – Role Of Train Superintendent/TTEs:
  • Immediately isolate the affected coach/coaches electrically.
  • Use the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire to the extent possible.
  • Immediately check lights in the coaches and provide light in dark coaches.
  • Provide light at the accident site.
  • Take necessary action as a man of common prudence will take not only to help the stranded passengers but also to arrange such help as would be demanded by the circumstances.
  • Help in extricating the trapped passengers/bodies.
  • Stop the train immediately.
  • Arrange the stretcher and first-aid box for the injured passengers.
  • Arrange for isolating the affected coaches from other coaches by decoupling both
  • Mechanical & Electric couplers.
  • Report it to the nearest station/control/fire station.
  • Provide anti-rolling arrangement on the isolated coaches and train as well.
  • Render first aid to injured passengers, obtaining the assistance of the railway staff, doctors and/or volunteers on the train, or near the site of the accident and transport the injured to the hospital by taking the help of Ambulance service, means available.
  • Don’t panic.
  • Pull the Alarm Chain and stop the train immediately.
  • Evacuate the passengers to the adjacent coaches which are away from the fire through the vestibules; if the fire is not extinguished. After complete evacuation the rolling.
  • shutters of coaches on fire to be closed to contain the spread of fire.
  • Advice passengers to take a cloth wet it in their drinking water and cover their nostrils. This reduces the smoke inhalation & subsequently its bad effects.
  • Arrange the stretcher and first-aid box for the injured passengers.
  • Insist that passengers should save themselves first and not to bother about their valuables/luggage which can be retrieved later on.
  • Locate the fire extinguishing substances viz, fire extinguishers, water bucket with water/sand, etc. Use water from the coaches.
  • Report it to the nearest station/control/fire station. (fire services: 101, it can be dialed by mobile also)
  • Take assistance of volunteers from passengers, Railway employees traveling, doctors on train, on-board contractor staff etc. in rescue operation