Probable Causes Of Fire

It is quite difficult to pinpoint the exact cause o the fire in railway coaches due to extensive damages and only general observations are available. There are variety of reasons which may be a source of initialization of fire, some of them are mentioned below-

  1. Carrying Inflammable goods like the stove, gas cylinder, kerosene oil, petrol, fireworks etc. in passenger coaches.
  2. Making fire/ using fire near paper, wood, petrol or such other inflammable articles. Kerosene Stove
  3. Throwing waste material outside the dustbin near the door. Non-removal of garbage from pantry car/coaches
  4. Malpractices like carelessly thrown lighted matchsticks, cigarette butts, Bidi butts etc.
  5. Leakages/ Blasts of Pantry Gas Cylinders.
  6. Careless storage of inflammable materials like newspapers, edible oil etc. in pantry cars.
  7. Insertion of cigarette butts, Bidi butts, Gutkha wrapper etc. in fan base, fuse distribution board, roof openings.
  8. Sabotage / Discrepancy.
  9. Mishandling/ careless use of pantry equipment by pantry car staff.
  10. Panic has also been noticed to have been caused among the passengers due to smoke emission due to break binding/ hot axle.