Preventive Measures To Be Taken By Pantry Car Staff:
  • Ensure that there are no gas leakages.
  • Ensure that specified number of gas outlets only to be used.
    Gas cylinders are kept on proper rack including upper shelf duly clamped if any.
  • Gas regulator, flame arrester & pressure gauge are in working order.
    Ensure that Gas manifold is available.
  • Ensure that Exhaust fans are working.
    Ensure that All main doors are free to be opened.
  • Ensure that Passages are kept free for movement.
  • Ensure that Vestibule area, passage, pantry car & LPG chamber are kept clean.
  • Ensure that adequate numbers of fire extinguishers should be clamped/ hanged at the nominated place and should not overdue for refilling.
  • Don’t Tamper with gas flexible pipes, regulators, flame arresters & clips on adopter.
  • Don’t Use hot cases for storage of unwanted materials.
  • Don’t permit extra persons to travel in pantry car.