Preventive Measures To Be Taken By On Board Staff:
On board train staff (TTE/GRP/ RPF etc.) should observe the following:
  • Whether any passenger is carrying dangerous articles such as explosives of any variety including fireworks, inflammable materials such as oil, grease, ghee, paint, dry grass and acids, LPG cylinders, Kerosene stoves, etc. and other corrosive substances in passenger coaches. If any, stop him doing so and take corrective action.
  • Interrupt passengers on malpractices like smoking, throwing ignited butts of smoking sticks, lighted matchsticks into the compartments.
  • Whether any passenger is operating heater or electric equipment other than mobile/laptop or using extension boards through the mobile/ laptop charging points provided in the coaches. If any, stop the passenger to do so and take corrective action if necessary.
  • Some AC Coach attendants keep linen/ bedding items in
    the vestibules.

    Catering staff also block vestibule area by:
  • keeping food trays etc. The vestibule area is the most critical place for safe exits in case of fire.
    Interrupt them on these activities.
  • Doorways area, corridors, and vestibule area should be kept clear always for easy evacuation in an emergency.
  • Ensure hammer is available near the toilet for breaking window glasses in case of emergency.
  • The cover shall of flap type for quick removal.
  • Ensure regular cleaning and disposal of waste from dustbin by the On –Board Housekeeping Staff (OBHS).
  • Stretcher and a first-aid box should be in good condition and shall be checked periodically.