Preventive Measures To Be Taken By AC Coach Maintenance Staff:
  • Ensure provision of two numbers of DCP type fire extinguishers in A.C. coaches.
  • Ensure that no protection (MCB/FUSE etc.) is by-passed.
  • Proper rating of MCBs / fuses shall be used.
  • Look for any overheating sign after putting ON all electrical loads.
  • Check the electrical connections, switches, fuses with the help of Infrared temperature gun to detect any overheating.
  • In the absence of infrared cameras, carry out at least close visual monitoring of all bolted or crimped joints.
  • Look for tell-tale signs of overheating, such as softened, distorted or charred cable insulation or terminal boards.
  • Loose or temporary connection, hanging wires/ exposed joints etc. should not be allowed.
    Check condition of PVC bushes/ glands provided in junction-boxes.
  • Replace worn-out bushes/ glands during schedules.
  • Check condition of insulation especially in junction-boxes. Don’t permit damaged/ broken/ cracked insulation.
  • Rubbing of cables shall not be permitted.
  • Check physical condition of wire/ cables for external damage and overheating marks, discoloration of lugs due to excessive flow of current/ overheating.
  • If smoke/fire observed anywhere in the coach then switch ‘OFF’ power supply immediately.
  • The locking and securing arrangement for the doors and covers of electrical control/power cubicle and terminal boards should be ensured to prevent unauthorized access to the live parts of electrical equipment.