Possible and Helpful services:

Some of the possible and helpful services required to be rendered by him are enumerated here.

To assist in finding accommodation:

When Guard is approached by a passenger to find reserved accommodation, he should correctly and politely send him to the Travelling Ticket Examiner, in his absence, the Guard should render this service himself.

To see that Attendants etc. are in position:

The Guard should see that the Attendants provided in the upper-class coaches and sleeper coaches are on duty and attending to the convenience of passengers; any report to the contrary from a passenger should receive his attention.

To prevent annoyance to passengers:

In the event of any passenger being drunk or committing any nuisance or act of indecency or using obscene or abusive language or willfully and without lawful excuse interfering with the comfort of any passenger, to the annoyance of other, Guard must use all reasonable means to stop the nuisance; failing this, he should report to the matter to the Protection force, who will tackle such situations with tact and firmness, and wherever necessary, use the authority vested under the Railway Act, but with proper discretion.

To prevent males from traveling in ladies’ compartments:

The Guard must ensure that male passengers do not travel in the ladies’ compartments. If found they must be asked to vacate immediately.

To prevent blocking of carriages by heavy luggage:

Only ‘personal effects’ and light luggage are intended to be carried in compartments, heavy luggage is to be carried either in luggage boots, where provided, or in luggage vans even those items of luggage which are carried in passenger compartments should be kept in racks or be placed under seats or berths any complaint in this regard should receive Guard’s immediate attention.

To prevent nuisance to passengers by beggars:

Begging and unauthorized hawking, when it comes to Guard’s notice, should be prevented, smoking in a compartment is an offense under the Railway Act.

To provide necessary information:

When approached, Guard should obligingly provide a passenger correct information, relating to the running of his train, connections at junctions ahead, facilities like retiring rooms, refreshments, railway and public hotels, places of tourist interests; he has himself to be well informed in these matters to be able to render assistance. Some of the comforts that should always merit his attention are enumerated here.


Passenger carriages are to be thoroughly cleaned before these are put on service Guard should make a round of his train while taking over charge and see that compartments and lavatories have been nicely cleaned; this is a very important aspect of the comfort provided to passengers and nothing causes more irritation than absence of this basic necessity any complaint in regard to cleanliness should receive the prompt attention of the Guard.

Supply of water:

Guard should see that overhead tanks are filled with water and that the water taps in basins and lavatories are in working order he should, on receipt of any complaint, have the tanks filled and taps attended.

Fans and lights:

Fans in all compartments in summer and lights, including bed lights, where provided, are to be in working order whenever necessary, Guard should seek immediate assistance from train lighting staff in order to have a defect rectified.

Destination boards:

Guard should see that the coaches are fitted with the destination boards to the guidance of the passengers and the Ladies compartment is fitted with the ladies only board.