PLATFORM TICKET (C.T. 120) (IRCM 218, 248):

  • It is issued only at notified stations.
  • It is an authority to enter the platform.
  • Platform ticket holder cannot remain in a carriage.
  • The cost of a platform ticket is Rs. 10/-.
  • It is valid for 2 hours from the time of issue.
  • The date and time of issue will be marked on the ticket by the SM.
  • The holder should surrender the ticket at the exit gate to the TC.
  • No refund will be granted for Platform tickets.


  1. This ticket is issued to passengers occupying retiring rooms at stations.
    Retiring rooms are in charge of Matron/SM, who will allow the rooms and maintain retiring rooms register.
  2. This ticket is valid for 24 hours from the time of occupation.

Extension of stay:

  • Permitted when there is no other demand.
  • Fresh ticket issued for another 24 hours.
  • For extension beyond 72 hours, DCM permission should be obtained.
  • For every extension, 25% extra collected.
  • When the passenger vacates the room, the ticket should be collected and entered in the TCR and sent to Accounts office along with the collected tickets.
  • MPs are allowed to pay 50% of the normal charges for their stay for the first 24 hours. Normal charges will be levied afterward.


  1. This ticket is issued when seat/berth is reserved.
  2. It is valid for the particular train and date only.
  3. In case of Break journey, fresh reservation charge is collected.
  4. Enhanced reservation charge will be applicable to tickets purchased for the journey to commence from a station other than ticket issuing station and return journey tickets.

The following are exempted from payment of Reservation charges:

  • Pass
  • PTO
  • Indrail Pass
  • ICRP
  • W.E.F. 01/04/2006, PRS tickets will only be issued for any station where there is stoppage of the train in which the reservation is sought for.


  1. It is issued when the passenger is traveling by a super fast train.
  2. It is valid for the entire journey irrespective of Break journey.

The following are exempted from payment of Supplementary charges:

  1. Pass
  2. PTO
  3. Indrail Pass
  4. ICRP
  • A person traveling by a Superfast train without paying supplementary charges will be treated as follows, If the journey is commenced by a Superfast train
  • Supplementary charges plus Excess charge.
  • If journey is started by a normal train & changed into a Superfast train en route
  • Supplementary charges only should be collected. No Excess charges are collected.


  • This ticket is issued at pilgrim centers during meal period.
  • This is collected only on journeys commencing from the mela station.
  • The Railways will notify the Period during which it should be collected.
  • The charge is collected on tickets of value more than Rs. 15.



  • Bed Roll is supplied free of charge to AC I Class Passengers.
  • For AC 2 Tier and 3A passengers, the Bed Roll  charge is included in the fare.
  • For the First Class passengers, Bedroll is supplied on demand on the collection of Rs. 20.
  • A Bed Roll ticket is issued to the passenger.
  • It has 3 foils (record, passenger, and conductor).
  • The coach conductor shall supply the Bed roll to the passenger and take acknowledgment in his foil.

A Bed roll contains the following:

  1. One pillow with cover
  2. Two Bedspreads
  3. One face towel
  4. One woolen Blanket


In certain trains, Ice containers are supplied to First class passengers on request.

  • Each ticket has 3 foils (Passenger, attendant, record).
  • Ice containers are supplied in the collection of prescribed hire charges.
  • The attendants and SM will make arrangements to supply ice en route on request.
  • On completion of the journey, the containers will be collected from the passenger and returned to the supply station duly booked under free service waybill.

CLOAKROOM TICKET (C.T. 519) (IRCM 832 – 835):

  • This is issued to passengers who deposit their luggage in the cloakroom.
  • The articles kept in the cloakroom are to be securely locked and neatly packed.
  • This ticket has 3 foils Record, Passenger, Label and prepared under double-sided carbon process.

The following details are entered at the time of issue:

  1. Name of the passenger
  2. Ticket number
  3. No. of articles and description
  4. Date and time of deposit

The passenger foil is given to the passenger and the label foil is pasted on the luggage for identification.
At the time of delivery, the passenger foil will be collected and the following are entered into it:

  • Total charges
  • Date and time of delivery
  • Signature of the passenger
  • Cloakroom charges : (With effect from 01/11/2001)
  • The collected passenger foils are sent to Accounts office with Monthly returns.
  • Articles can be kept in Cloakroom for a maximum of one month.
  • Afterwards, they will be treated as unclaimed and will be disposed of as per rules.
  • If the passenger foils are lost, then delivery can be given as follows:
  • The passenger should execute a stamped Indemnity Note.
  • A written receipt indicating the date and time of deposit and removal should be obtained from the passenger and sent to Accounts office.


  • Safe deposit lockers are provided in important stations.
  • A security deposit of Rs. 3/- will be collected which will be refunded if the locker is vacated within 7 days.
  • The passenger should execute a Deed of License at the time of occupation.
  • Dangerous goods, Offensive goods, Perishables, and Explosives should not be kept inside the locker.
    If Locker is not vacated within 1 month, the locker will be treated as unclaimed and the articles inside will be disposed of as per rules.
  • If the passenger loses the key of the locker, the cost of replacement
    of such lock and the key will be recovered from the passenger.