The coaches with age group of 20 – 21 years or later being converted to air brake coaches during POH for the purpose to carry Automobile (Express) Auto Carrier are known as NMG coaches and the rakes formed with these coaches are called NMG rakes.

  1. Load carrying capacity is 12-ton minimum.
  2. Speed 75 kmph Min. & 100 kmph Max.
  3. The life of such converted coach is 30 years from the date of original manufacture.
  4. Wider opening of 2800 mm × 2200 mm.
  5. Improved adjustable central locking arrangement to avoid damage to the vehicle during transit.
  6. The periodicity of POH is 24 months.
  7. Maintenance Pattern for NMG rakes

In order to optimize utilization of NMG rakes it has been decided to introduce the following maintenance pattern:

NMG rakes may be run on goods pattern with the intensive examination at both the ends, following other conditions for rerouting detention in the case at stabling at roadside stations. In case of closed circuit runs up to 2500 km, the rake may be run on the round-trip basis.

Close circuit rake must be clearly identified and should have a nominated base depot where adequate trained staff and spares should be available. Each NMG coach should be marked with the nominated POH workshop and return date.The maintenance schedules of the NMG coaches will continue to be on the coaching pattern to be carried out by the base depot.

Using these coaches as parcel vans for running on the piecemeal basis on passenger carrying trains is strictly prohibited.Each coach should be stenciled at a suitable place on its end panel, the code name of the base depot and a schedule chart. The date and station code of the depot where a particular schedule is carried out should be stenciled at the appropriate place in the schedule chart immediately when the schedule is completed.