LHB Coaches And FIAT Bogie:
Double Decker AC Chair Car:
  • Designed by RDSO, Lucknow
  • Manufactured by RCF, Kapurthala
  • 128 seating capacity
  • Oscillation trails successfully conducted up to 180 kmph
  • Certified to run up to 160 kmph
  • Disc brake
  • FIAT bogie with air springs
  • LED destination board
  • Start working on Zonal Railways.
Features of LHB/FIAT coaches are as under:
  • Shell manufactured by LHB and bogie by FIAT
  • Speed potential 160 kmph can be raised to 200 kmph
  • AAR ‘H’ Type tight lock coupler
  • Window with double glazing with inert gas in between
  • Noise and heat insulation
  • Two microprocessor roof mounted air-conditioned unit
  • Axle mounted EP type disc brake with wheel slide protection
  • Interlocking type of joint between vertical and longitudinal stiffener
  • Use of stainless steel to minimise corrosion
  • Modular design interior
  • Hygienic toilets with controlled discharge
  • Cartridge roller bearings


Preventive maintenance schedules:

Preventive maintenance schedules followed for coaching stock in the form of examination and repair and POH are :

  • Trip Schedule (Primary and Secondary maint. ). – Every trip.
  • Schedule “A” by primary maintenance depot. – (Monthly) +/- 3 days
  • Schedule “B” – (do – Quarterly) +/- 7 days
  • Schedule “C” – (do – Half-Yearly) replaced by IOH – 9 months +30/-0 days
  • POH by Coach Repair Workshop of Owning Rly.
  • POH Periodicity of Coaches
  • POH Schedule (New)


Major items attended during trip Schedule- Time allowed in 6 hours (to be done at washing line)

Washing & Cleaning

  • Oiling if required (oiling to be done every 15 days)
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Wheel, suspension, draw & buffing gear examination.
  • Change brake block, if needed, and adjust brake rigging
  • Alarm signal apparatus testing.
  • Examine and provide passenger amenity fittings.
  • Check for proper flow of water in all pipes
“A” Schedule ( to be done on the washing line) :
  • All items of trip examination.
  • Flush water tanks.
  • Disinfection of coach.
  • Check train pipe & brake system for leakage.
  • Grease alarm chain apparatus.
  • Clean Direct Admission Valve.
  • Examine & replace brake gear pins.
  • Check & fill oil in ICF side bearers & dashpots.
“B” Schedule (at washing line) :
  • All items of “A” schedule.
  • Overhaul alarm testing apparatus, release valve.
  • Touch up painting.
  • Check and fill oil in ICF side bearers.
  • “IOH’ Schedule – The coach is to be marked sick and taken to the sick line for this schedule:
  • All items of “B” Schedule.
  • Lift coach, Run out bogies, Overhaul bogies./ Use workshop overhauled bogie
  • Painting if, needed.
  • Overhaul Vacuum cylinder.
  • Check slack adjuster, shock absorbers etc.
  • Check & repair vestibules.
  • Corrosion repair.
  • Brake system
  • Draw/ Buffing gear