• This ticket is issued in exchange for concession orders, police warrants, etc.
  • These tickets are printed on watermarked paper and are serially numbered.
  • It is book form with each book having 50 tickets.
  • The ticket has 3 foils – Accounts, Passenger, Record.
  • On receipt, each book is to be counted & certified that all the foils are intact.

At the time of issue (using double-sided carbon) the following details are written:

  • Date of issue
  • From and to Station
  • Distance in Km.
  • Class/Fare
  • Concession details
  • Child/Adult
  • Signature of the Booking clerk and station stamp.
  • A foreign BPT will have a red wavy band.


  • It is in book form and serially numbered.
  • Each book has 50 tickets and each ticket has 3 foils (Accounts, Passenger, Record).
  • It is issued separately for Local and Foreign traffic.
  • A foreign EFT will have a red waved band.

It is issued by Booking clerk for the following:

  1. When printed card tickets are not available.
  2. As duplicate ticket when the reserved ticket is lost.
  3. In exchange for Guard’s certificate.

It is issued by TC staff for the following:

  1. Ticketless travel/Irregular travel
  2. Journey extension
  3. Change of class/route/train
  4. Unbooked luggage
  5. As duplicate ticket


  • This ticket is issued in exchange for Military Warrants IAFT 1707 & IAFT 1707A.
  • It is serially Machine numbered.
  • Each ticket has 3 portions (Record, Guard, and Passenger)
  • If luggage is booked in BV, guard’s portion is handed over to the guard,otherwise, it is canceled and sent to Accounts office.
  • Journey particulars are shown on the face of the ticket and the luggage particulars are shown on the reverse of the ticket.
  • The warrant is treated as the voucher for the actual fare, reservation charges, Safety surcharge and supplementary charges if any, and the cash office.


  • It is issued by the authorized travel agents.
  • It is issued to tourists traveling in groups.

Conductors with tourist parties are allowed to travel free as under:

  • No. of Tourists No. of Conductors
  • Less than 6 Nil
  • 6 to 35 One
  • 36 to 59 Two
  • 60 and above Three
  • Normal fare as per class of accommodation is collected.
  • It is also issued for tourist cars/saloons.
  • Each ticket has 3 foils and written with double-sided carbon.


  1. The following journeys are treated as the circular journey.
  2. Journey by the longer route, exceeding the shortest route by more than 15%.
  3. The journey starting and ending at the same station.
  4. If the journey by a longer route is convenient due to the availability of a direct train or slip coach, then it is not treated as the circular journey.
  5. The tour program given by the passenger should be approved by CCM/DCM. SMR or CBS of notified stations are authorized to issue such tickets without the approval of CCM/DCM.

Calculation of fare:

  1. Total distance calculated on the point-to-point basis.
  2. The total distance divided by two and treated as two single journeys and charges collected for 2 single journeys.
  3. Calculation of validity period
  4. Journey time is calculated at the rate of 1 day for every 400 Km or part.
  5. Break journey time is calculated at the rate of 1 day for every 200Km.

Break journey rules:

  • The maximum number of Break journey permitted – Eight.
  • At the time of purchasing the ticket, the passenger should mention the stations where he requires break journey, and the same will be mentioned on the ticket.
  • No restriction on a number of days of stay at a station or distance.
  • Reservation charges will be collected for each leg of a journey.
  • A supplementary charge should be collected for every super fast train.
  • The passenger cannot travel over a section more than once unless it is specifically mentioned on the ticket.
  • Senior citizens are given 30% concession on circular journey tickets also if the total distance of travel is more than 1000Km.
  • Two safety surcharges to be collected treating the ticket as two single journeys.


It is issued to Season ticket holders and return journey ticket holders when they want to extend their journey before the commencement of journey.

  • It is in single foil in different denominations.
  • The ticket no., date and time of issue should be filled by the BC/TC.
  • The station upto which the journey is extended should be marked on the ticket.
  • Fare for the extended portion without telescopic benefit should be collected.


  1. It is issued when printed card returns journey ticket not available.
  2. It has 3 foils (accounts, passenger, and record) and serially numbered.
  3. Each ticket has two portions of the outward journey and returns journey.
  4. The letter ‘R’ is printed on the return journey portion.


  • This ticket is issued for reserved journeys through a computer.
  • It has a pre-printed format with an eight-digit ticket number.
  • The computer as check digit prints the ticket number again.
  • It has ten digits.
  • It is a unique number printed by the computer to identify the reservation.
  • It is essential for inquiry through IVRS also.
  • At the time of issue, the following details are printed by the computer:
  • Train Number and Name
  • Date of journey
  • Class
  • Station from and to
  • Reservation up to coach and berth/seat number
  • Age and Sex of passenger
  • Travel authority, if any
  • Type of concession, if any
  • Total Fare
  • Date, time and place of issue
  • Distance and route
  • Departure time of the trainMaximum of 6 persons can be booked on a ticket.


  • It is 3 digit number printed on the left-hand bottom of the ticket.
  • This number will be same for all the tickets issued.
  • By a train
  • On a Date
  • To a destination.
  • This number is printed for ticket checking purpose.
  • The CPT is printed on water on watermarked paper.


  • This is an unreserved ticket issued by a microprocessor-based SPTM.
  • SMARTS ticket has a preprinted format.
  • It has an 8digit ticket number.
  • The computer as check digit again prints the last 4digit.
  • At the time of issue, the following details are printed
  • FROM and To stations
  • Distance
  • Class
  • No. of adults and child
  • Details of concessions, if any
  • Fare
  • Type of train
  • Date, time and place of issue Random number (4 digits)
  • The Random Number is same- On a Date & To a Destination.
  • The random number is printed for ticket checking purpose.
  • This ticket can be issued for the maximum of 9 Adults and/or 9 Children.
  • Account of tickets is done by a software viz. CARS {Centralised Accounting and Reporting System}
  • Season tickets can also be issued on this system.