Introduction To Computer And Information Technology:

Railways all over the world progressively implement Information technology for improvement in efficiency and for better management. Computerized Management Information System helps in planning, monitoring and decision making of all modern Railways. On Indian Railways the development of a system for availability of information on freight operations as an aid to decision making was mooted and first sanctioned in 1983-84 and due to its sheer size and complexity of freight operations was highly complex.

Freight Operations Information System (FOIS):

Freight Operations Information System has been developed to take care of the operational function to Freight Train Operations, Yard management and activities pertaining to Good Shed working.

FOIS comprises of two modules viz:-

  • Rake Management System(RMS)
  • Terminal Management System(TMS)

The RMS covers computerization of various Operational functions relating to Yard and Freight Train Operation. This module has been developed in 2 phases.TMS relates to computerization of different activities pertaining to Goods Shed working. This module has been developed in phase 3.

The objective of the System is to provide a powerful tool to the Management for exercising effective and viable control on day-to-day Railway Operations by capturing relevant date through computer application and generate information as per requirements.

This system has been introduced to keep the records of the loads/trains, wagons, loco movements and consignment details etc., by reporting load formation, forecast, train arrangements, crew assignment, train consist including consignment details besides train departure, train arrival, shunting performed enroute, changes to train locos, train stabling, rake formation, correction in rake composition, placements, releases, removal from sick lines/goods sheds, R.R. details, loco irregularities and maintenance activities. Further, it also provides facilities to make inquiries from the System in regard to the above activities and furnish minute-to-minute, accurate, reliable and comprehensive information about the status of any operation.

The Rake Management System has achieved the following:
  • Live to monitor all freight trains giving their current position.
  • The commodity-wise flow of freight trains for industries like refineries, fertilizer and cement plants, etc., enabling the recipients of consignments to have an accurate forecast of cargo arrivals.
  • Recording and updating of detachments from block rakes.
  • Analyzing total demand for rail transport and its logical matching with incoming rakes to minimize empty running.
  • Analyzing detention to sore in terms of rakes and wagons at yards/terminals.
  • Finding availability of rolling stock to plan for their efficient utilization.
Coaching Operation Information System (COIS):

COIS is an Integrated Coaching Management System (ICMS) and functionalities to be provided by the application are:-

  • Train Punctuality and Analysis Module
  • Coaching Stock Module
  • Coach Maintenance Module
  • Time Tabling Module
Punctuality Module:

In the first module of this project, the punctuality of trains has been addressed and is called a Punctuality Module. This module was implemented in Feb.2004. This is running on PRS/NETS network and is on the same hardware of NTES. This module captures the delays involved in train running at interchange points and detention causes for the delays at the divisional level. A zonal client does the responsibility fixing. Based on this input reports are generated for traffic managers. The zonal client does the responsibility fixing. Based on this following types of reports are generated for traffic managers.

  • Railway Punctuality Performance for a date for a Division
  • Movement of Trains Division wise in a Zone
  • Punctuality percentage of Mail/Express
  • Cause wise/Gauge wise breakup of Lost Trains between dates
  • Division wise analysis of Cause of Lost Trains on Date in a Zone Railway Punctuality performance for a date in a zone
  • Cause wise breakup of Trains lost in a period Summary of Monitored trains daily Run and Lost Section wise/Cause wise analysis for all trains on a date Zone wise/Cause wise analysis for all trains in a date etc.
Coaching Stock Module:

This is a web-based application and will run on the intranet (FOIS network). This module will capture all the events done on Coaches during operations (e.g. Attach/Detach/Sick Marking/Made Fit etc.) to generate an online position of Coaching Stock. As all locations are networked and a centralized database is available, this will be a utility tool for traffic managers.

  • To monitor the condition and location, status and history of the coaching stock
  • To monitor the coaching rakes, their locations, arrival-departure
  • To generate stock reports
  • To find Coaches on Foreign Railways
  • To plan special trains
  • To provide data for planning and rescheduling of rakes.
  • To optimize utilization of each coach and timely maintenance (POH) and repairs.
  • For prompt planning for idle coaches and their timely bookings and usage to generate more revenue for the railways
  • Through mailing and messaging end users may communicate

Ideally, there will be no requirement of the census to know the current stock position of Indian Railways once the above module is in data feeding mode at all the locations.

Coaching Maintenance Module:

This module captures the depot activities related to coaching maintenance operations, this will be a utility tool for mechanical managers to help them in the planning of schedules. This will capture broadly following functionalities

  • Platform and enroute attention module
  • Enroute rolling in and rolling out
  • Brake Power Check, Train watering, Gang booking.
  • Washing line and sick line Placement Module including pit line occupation status, placement advice, Rake fitness and withdrawal advice etc.
  • Depot Maintenance activities including all types of component-based maintenance.
  • Material Management which will include Depot stores management, indent flow etc.
  • Staff Module to include muster toll preparation, staff skill development etc.
  • Functional modules for superior management(Divisional, Zonal and Railway Board)

This module will be having a tight integration with Coaching Stock Module and handshake will be done at various events.

Time Tabling Module:
  • To maintain a centralized database for all trains of Indian Railways with following attributes.
  • Train Definition, the Validity period of the train definition, Days of Run, Train Profile, Train Schedule (List of stations with timings)etc.
  • Giving facility to update the timetable through browser-based application by all zonal railways at the time of timetabling and providing the soft copy for printing of IR Time Table.
The scope of Timetabling module:
  • Simulating the suitable timings for running of all kinds of trains.
  • Simulating the best available path for planning a train keeping in view all variables.
  • Simulate optimum utilization of rake link etc.