Importance of honest and efficient work:

The importance of honest and efficient work cannot be overemphasized for Guard, as for anybody else. This is because work is:

  1. An end in itself
  2. A service to the community and country
  3. A medium for recognition and advancement.
Work as an end in itself:

Honest, diligent and efficient work effectively contributes to the development of character in the following manner.It is a means for self-expression- a healthy and normal human being has energy latent in him he wants an outlet for its expression in work, he finds this outlet.

It gives a sense of accomplishment- it gives when performed well, a sense of fulfillment, man is at his best while doing a useful job, a rightly placed man is proud of his capacity and is a happy man.

It provides emotional and physical balance-this comes through the regular habit of work by sharing its risks and responsibility ties, he acquires confidence in himself; this, in turn, prepares him to accept greater responsibilities.

Work as a service to community and country:

Honest and efficient work and service are something sublime. Considered in the proper perspective, these are one’s contribution to the community and country. Individually, not one of us amounts to very much, except in our work. More than a million men and women work on Indian Railways. Each of them is doing his own work which may not appear to be very significant. But considered in its totality, railwaymen are doing a stupendous job–as the principal supplies of transportation in the country.

Work as a medium for advancement in career:

Even from a personal end work is rewarding. Good work brings Guard recognition and, as opportunities come, advancement in his career. When Guard is efficient, he is thought of well by his seniors, gets a good rating in his service report and fares well at the time of selection and promotion. By dint of honest and devoted work, he will be able to:

Attain confidence in him

Make his colleagues and superiors appreciate his worth.How high Guard will rise in his career will depend on three aspects namely,

  1. Competence
  2. Capability
  3. Conduct.

The impression that he creates directly on his superiors- he need not go out of his way or indulge in apple polishing–but should concentrate on doing his present job to the very best of his abilities.The image he entertains about himself-he should learn to assess his capacity correctly by self-study and introspection he will find that he is not as big as he considers himself to be; he will discover that there is always further scope for improvements.

A higher job carries heavier responsibilities- Guard should make no mistake about the burden of responsibility he will have to shoulder in a higher job no matter how easy the job above him may appear to be; his endeavor should be to equip himself suitably for it.