ICF vs LHB bogie:

Requirements from a Bogie:

  • Linear/Curving requirement.
  • Energy transmission and control
  • Linear,vertical,lateral, longitudinal.
  • Rotational.
  • Roll prevention requirement.
  • Ability to filter out the irregularity between track and bogie.
  • The concept of offloading.
  • Ability to bear the static load.

The function of Axle Guides (ICF):

  • Guides the axle w.r.t. bogie frame laterally as well as longitudinally.
  • Transmits tractive & braking force between bogie frame & axle box.
  • In ICF, acts as a single acting hydraulic vertical shock absorber for primary spring.
  • In FIAT bogie, provides control flexibility between frame and axle
Axle Box Bearing:

ICF bogie:

  • Spherical type roller bearing with the self-align feature.
  • Automatically adjust to the deviation in the centerline of the axle during the run.
FIAT bogie:


Main Feature of FIAT Bogie:

  • An adoption of EUROFIMA design
  • manufactured by FIAT/SIG Switzerland.
  • Maximum operating speed is 160 kmph
  • Up to 200 kmph with minor modification.
  • Permanent earthing connection
  • vTo safeguards axle bearings.
  • Excellent ride index, superior ride quality
Primary Suspension (FIAT Bogie):
  • Nested steel coil springs.
  • Control arm axle guidance.
  • Lateral flexibility-reduced wheel root wear.
  • Bump stop (rubber spring) over steel spring.
  • Hydraulic dampers.
  • Secondary Suspension (FIAT Bogie):

Consists of:

  • Nested flex-coil steel spring.
  • Minor pads
  • Helps the two bogies to align equally.
  • Rubber spring
  • Inside coil springs for progressive characteristic