CPR for Adults:

  1. Collapses
  2. Becomes unresponsive
Check Responsiveness:
  • Tap the person’s shoulder and shout, “Are you OK?”
  • Look for normal breathing.
  • Start Hands-Only CPR.
  • Hands-Only CPR should not be used for adults whose cardiac arrest is due to drug overdose, near-drowning, or an unwitnessed cardiac arrest. In these cases, do a conventional CPR combination of chest compressions and rescue breathing.
Do Chest Compressions:
  • Place the heel of your hand on the center of the person’s chest.
  • Place the heel of your other hand on top of your first hand, lacing fingers together.
  • Keep arms straight and your shoulders directly over your hands.
  • Push hard and fast, compressing chest at least 2 inches.
  • Let chest rise completely before pushing down again.
  • Compress at least 100 times per minute.
Stop Only if:
  • The person starts breathing normally
  • A trained responder or emergency help takes over