Classification of Station and Minimum Equipment Required at Each Class of Station:

Irrespective of the system of working in force the stations are classified as block station and non-block stations.

Station :

Means any place on a line of railway at which traffic is dealt with, or at which an authority to proceed is given to the driver of the train under the system of working.

Block stations :

Block stations are those at which driver must obtain an authority to proceed under the system of working to enter the block section with his train.

Non-Block station :

These are outlets opened for commercial purpose and no block working is carried here.
To cope up with different working conditions stations are categorized into various classes.

Class A Station :

Where line clear may not be given for a train unless the line on which it is intended to receive the train is clear for at least 400 Mts., beyond the Home signal or up to the starter.

Class B Station :

Where line clear may be given for a train before the line has been cleared for the reception of the train within the station section.

Class C Station :

At which no train is booked to stop. This includes IBS, line clear may not be given for a train, unless the whole of the last proceeding train has passed completely at least 400 Mts. beyond the Home signal and is continuing its journey.

Class D Station :

Situated between two consecutive block stations and do not form the boundary of any block section.

Minimum signaling equipment required for each class of station

Two Aspect: