Claims And Prevention By Guard:

A claim may be defined as a request by a rightful claimant for compensation in respect of goods entrusted for carriage by rail from one station to another and that has not reached the destination station in the condition handed over by virtue on non-delivery, parcel delivery or damage etc.

Causes of claims:

Though Railway Administration is taking utmost care in the carriage of goods, parcels, luggage, and animals by rail still there could be claims due to the act of nature or some lapses on the part of the railway employees. These causes could be one of following nature:-

  • Breaches and accidents, Thefts, losses, damages and deteriorations
  • Riots and disturbances in country
  • Act on anti-social elements, Defective packing
  • Rough handling and lose shunting
  • Misdespatches, Pilferages enroute
  • Incorrect labeling, Bad or cross markings
  • Improper loading, Thefts in yards, platforms, and goods sheds
  • Damage due to wet, Damage due to oils, Damage to fire
  • Damage due to accidents, Damages due to Perishables
  • Social and political conditions of the country.
Prevention of Claims by Guards:

Guards to ensure that the wagons/vans in their charge have been correctly and adequately labeled, sealed, riveted, locked as per extant rules.Ensure that the loads have been marshaled correctly in regard to every wagon containing explosives and other dangerous goods

Be always alert on the run to note any interference to loaded wagons and report all such discrepancies, in regard to seals etc., noticed by them promptly.Take care to lock all compartments of Brake vans and vans in their charge, since a large number of thefts from the brake van compartments are being frequently reported. Carefully note, not to allow wagons found with seals defective or with open doors to proceed onward, they should be checked promptly for localizing interference. Reports to be submitted in the prescribed form

Take over and hand over charge of packages on actual count unless they are countable or checkable or where only “Said to contain” Receipts have been granted.