Broken Leg:

  1. You think a thighbone is broken.
  2. A bone has punctured the skin.
For other breaks:

Reduce Swelling and Avoid Further Injury:

  • Keep the injured leg as still as possible. Do not let the person bear any weight on the leg.
  • Apply ice.
  • Keep the leg raised with pillows or cushions.
Seek Medical Care Immediately:

Take the person to see a health care provider. If you think a thighbone is broken or you are unable to move the person, call 911 and have the person taken to the hospital.

Follow Up:
  • Treatment will depend on the nature of the injury.
  • A health care provider will examine the person’s leg and likely do an X-ray.
  • The bone may be realigned and a splint, cast, or brace put on.
  • Surgery may be needed.