Bio Toilets:
  • An environment-Friendly Toilet System
  • Green toilet aims at – Zero – defecation on the ground
  • Problem with present system– Discharge on track creates environmental problems as well as the problem in working to work man.
  • Bio Toilet – Bio-digester is provided, effluent is discharged on track after biodegradation
Action Taken:
  • A multi-directional strategy has been implemented for adoption in IR Passenger Coaches.
  • MOU has been signed with DRDO for joint technology development
  • The first rake with bio-toilets developed by DRDO is running in Bundelkhand Express since 18th January -2011.
  • No bad smell in toilets from the tanks
  • No infestation of Cockroaches & flies
  • Fecal matter in the tank not visible
  • No clogging of digester
  • Effluent is free from off odor and solid waste
  • No maintenance required
  • Reduction in organic matter by 90%
  • No requirement of adding bacteria/ enzyme
  • No need of removal of solid waste