ARTs are classified as under:
  1. A class
  2. B class
  3. C class
Other types of ART:
  1. SPART (Self-propelled ART)
  2. Road ART (Modified road vehicle)
The composition of “A” class ART:
  • 140-ton Capacity diesel Crane with Match truck.
  • One equipment van containing HRE, Generator, Compressors., etc
  • Two Staff Vans including kitchen car
  • One BFR containing Engineering Material
  • One BFU containing Bulldozer and other material
  • One Van containing materials for OHE (for electrified section only)Composition of “B” class ART, is the same as for A class ARTs except for the Diesel Crane and a Bulldozer.Composition of “C” class ART – Tool Van only
List of tools & equipment on class A & B ART:
  • Hydraulic Re railing equipment with hydraulic rescue devices like cutters, expanders, etc
  • Generator & electrical equipment
  • Generator – Diesel drove 6KVA 220/230V with all accessories for train lighting and battery charging.
  • Portable Generators- diesel/petrol driven.Weatherproof flood light fittings, Stands for flood light & 55W/250W/100W gas-filled bulbs.
  • Illumination other than electrical- Petromaxes and Flameproof torches.
  • Oxy cutting equipment: Cutting torch with hoses, nozzle sets, and accessories parallel cutting nozzle; pressure gauge, Acetylene and oxygen cylinders, Gloves and leg guards.
  • Compressor and pneumatic tools
  • Diesel operated compressor 100CFM.
  • Rivet cutter, chipping hammer light, reversible drills, bench vice 6’’, maintenance tools for compressor &engine, hose pipe 15 meters with automatic couplings.
  • Jacks- Hydraulic jacks, geared screw jacks, tilting jacks of various capacities.
  • Wire ropes and winches of various dia. and lengths.
  • Other mechanical equipment- Seized roller bearing gadget, rail claws for maintaining gauge, ramps double and ramps single, smaller tools like spanners, gauge.
  • Wooden packing of different sizes.
  • Oil & grease- Kerosene oil, graphite grease for wire ropes, petrol and diesel oil.
  • Blacksmith tool
  • C & W spare parts- Coupling hooks, screw coupling, washers for hose pipe, sole plate, axle bearing brasses, emergency drawbar.
  • General Store- Tent, folding chairs and tables, nylon net, aluminum ladder, umbrellas, raincoats, signal green& red flags, cotton waste, etc.
  • Kitchen utensils.
  • Firefighting equipment- Fire extinguishers, water bucket, etc
  • Medical equipment- First aid boxes, a stretcher with blanket & canvas bag.
  • S&T equipments- Portable field telephones, telescopic pole equipment, dry cells, Walkie-Talkie, Loudspeakers,Mobiles VHF trans receivers, Amplifiers, etc.
  • Books & Manuals- Accident manual, G&SR rulebook, first aid manual, IRCA-II &IV, Operating manual, Safety book, working timetable.
  • Records- ART log book, attendance register, equipment resister, wire rope and chain testing resister, inspection register.
  • Miscellaneous- camera with flash and tape or video recorder
140 T CRANE:

140-ton crane is available with A class ART.There are two types of 140 T crane in IR

  1. Jessop
  2. Gotwal
Bull Dozers:
  1. Very useful for clearing serious derailments.
  2. They provide the fastest means for removing interlocking or for toppling rolling stock from the track.